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Picknick vibes package

Picknick DECOR & FACILITIES: $1650

White flooring $250
String lights $150
Portable speaker +mic $100
Decor: incl. Cushions, carpet, small tables, candels etc $650
Transport, setup & cleanup
hours of 3 pers. $400


3 hours STANDARD BAR incl$22.50 pp

Ice buckets, jugs, ice, wine/drinking glasses, 1x hostess/waiter at 3 hours.
Beer: brand of choice
Wine: White wine, pink/rose wine,red wine
Juice: Fruit punch
Soft: Cola/s
(We are always open to talk about in any other drinking choices you may have)


Deluxe snacks box (6) incl$13.55 pp

Small green salad + bread,
Chicken sate
Tenderloin sate
deviled egg

(We are always open to talk about in any other snacks options you may have, ask for our snacks list)

Other services you can include:

  • Generator $150

  • Portable toilets $55

  • Sofa set 20 - 25 pers seating $ Ask for price 

  • Gourmet table $ Ask for price

  • Cocktail Bar & cocktail mixer $ Ask for price 

  • Live performance with guitar $ Ask for price

  • Paint sessions $ Ask for price

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