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We CREATE events
with unforgettable experiences.

Hype Events is a company founded by a team of professionals
organizing memorable and exciting experiences on the beautiful island of Bonaire. 

Hype Events organizes events like weddings, team building activities and more for families and companies alike.

We are known to bring THE HYPE in your event. 
It's our mission to deliver a thrilling experience in every event we organize. 
Whether it's for a wedding, birthday, company event, team building or any kind of celebration we will give you the extra thought, the extra thrill, the extra feeling and THE HYPE Experience.

We have different services to complete your full event under one roof at the best prices on the island.

Our Beginning

In the summer of 2013 a group of friends decided to organize an event on Bonaire, which was a big success. We organized this event because there were not many activities and events for young people on Bonaire. This event was a big success and we also saw that other age groups also wanted high quality events. On the 17th of October 2013 we officially established the company on Bonaire.


While preparing for our next event we formed a team of people that had different skills. The team consisted of people that were good at graphic designing, photography, video production, marketing planning and so on.

After getting requests from potential clients we saw the potential on the island for a full service marketing and event bureau. 


We are now organizing events of our own and also events for corporate clients and the public sector. Next to this we are executing marketing and advertising services for the public and the private sector.  We have also branched out this year into rental of event equipment. This business is taking off fast and it has seen a growth this year.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to exceed expectations of our clients, event attendees, sponsors and community. Our view is the sky is the limit and there are endless possibilities to what we can achieve. We aim to organize high quality events that have unique aspects to it that have never been seen before. Our Aim is to help our clients in developing their brand and their reach in this way growing their company, revenue and creating brand awareness.

To become the leader in organizing events for all demographics on Bonaire. Turning Bonaire into an island with many events throughout the whole year and thereby becoming an active island offering many activities for those living and staying on Bonaire.

Also becoming a global leader offering unique events in a modern atmosphere attracting businesses and consumers. A brand which is seen as a lifestyle, which people associate with being cool when they post that they were at a hype event!


Become a HYPER

For us it’s all about creating a thrilling experience for our clients.
To be part of our team you have to be passionate, relentlessly creative, positive,
sharp and open minded. Open to feedback and be able to work flexible hours.
Do you see yourself as a HYPER? 

Click the button below to tell us all about you.

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Be captivated by an  EXCITING experience.

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